Hall hosts FootGolf first

Sewerby Park'Foot golf'PA1237-3d
Sewerby Park'Foot golf'PA1237-3d

TEAMS from as far away as Hungary will arrive at Sewerby Hall on Sunday for England’s first Footgolf tournament.

FootGolf is already played in various countries around the world, with the first tournaments being played in the Netherlands in 2009, and it is sweeping the UK in 2012.

With local teams registered to compete at Sewerby alongside players from from Hull, York, London and Hungary, it promises to be an exciting contest.

However, Mike O’Connor of the UK FootGolf Association, said that he believes it will be an open contest, where anybody could come home victorious.

O’Connor said: “Nobody has played before so the competition is wide open.

“Nobody has any experience because this is the first one in the UK, but somebody has to win, and that person and team will forever in history be the UK’s first FootGolf Champion.”

Similar to golf, the aim is to strike a football into a hole with the foot, in the least amount of strokes possible.

The golf course at Sewerby Hall and Gardens will be modified for this historic event and the tournament will be open to all comers.

There will be three separate competitions on the day.

The first is a team (four people) competition, the second is for individual players, and the third is for juniors.

Time will also be allocated for people who just want to play for fun.

O’Connor said “The course will be open to all ages and abilities so bring the family and just enjoy the game.

“There has been major interest from people in and around the local area, so we do advise that people wanting to take part should book in advance to avoid any disappointment.”

It is advised to book a tee off time in advance also to avoid having to wait on the day.

For more details on entering this competition visit www.footgolfengland.co.uk or call 0800 6899552.

The cost is £5 per player.and all balls will be provided.

For more information call 673769 or visit www.eastriding.gov.uk/sewerby.

Admission charges to Sewerby Hall and Gardens apply. Adults £4.70, over 60s £3.90, children (three-15) £2.70 and family tickets (two adults and two children) £14.

James Storrie is spending the week on the Free Press sports desk. He spent Monday morning at Sewerby Hall having a go at FootGolf. This is what he thought.

“I was given the opportunity to have a go at FootGolf and I think it is very much a sport that can thrive, due to both it’s simplicity and just how much fun it can be in either a competitive team environment or as a more general leisure activity.

“The clue to how the game is played is evident in the title and it’s not even necessary to be well versed in either football or golf to enjoy the game.

“The set up of the game is basically what looks like a golf course but the holes are obviously bigger and there’s no need for any additional equipment apart from yourself, which gives the game a real sense that anyone can just turn up and play and take enjoyment from it.

“As a result of this there is also no real cost implications from buying expensive clubs like there is in golf or the latest multi-coloured football boots.

“To start the game you simply just tee-off from the allocated area and aim in the general direction of the flag indicating the hole.

“The skill is not in the first shot but the next one, according to Mike O’Connor, a FootGolf expert.

“This was evident as he quickly took the advantage with a well placed drive while I misjudged the sloping hill and sent my ball wildly off in a wayward direction.

“However with my next two shots I was able to turn it round and make an easy putt to finish for a draw.

“There will also be hints and tips available for players giving clues on the complexities of each individual hole and what type of strategy may be the most beneficial to adopt.

“FootGolf seems a great new initiative and is an ideal way of spending some free time with either friends or family..