Goalsports Reserves exit Saturday League

Goalsports Reserves
Goalsports Reserves

Goalsports Reserves have exited the Scarborough & District Saturday League a matter of days after the AGM.

Monday night's meeting saw clubs vote to create a new Reserves League to try and alleviate the promotion and relegation problems caused by reserves teams dominating the second division.

Goalsports' first-team manager and club vice chairman Mark Plumpton informed the league of his intentions to withdraw their reserves should a new Reserves League be put together, and as such signed them up to the Driffield League at their AGM last night (Thursday).

Plumpton said: "It's a strange one as I believe from a league perspective, the new Reserves League is a good idea and had to happen.

"But from a club point of view, we feel our Reserves would be better suited and more competitive in the Driffield League.

"They are made up primarily of 16 and 17 year olds and we think they'd struggle in the new Reserves League.

"I made our intentions clear with an email to the league committee before their deadline on June 1, and then followed up with our decision after the Scarborough League AGM."

Goalsports' first team have made the step up to the new eight-team Division One as part of the re-shuffle, and Plumpton admits his side will give it their all in the top-flight.

"We are looking forward to it and hope to compete as best we can up there," added Plumpton.

"We've always said we wanted to try and get into Division One and now we are there we will give it our best shot."