Gary’s Gossip: ‘We were really proud of the players’

Bridlington Town v Handsworth Parramore
Bridlington Town v Handsworth Parramore

The views of Bridlington Town manager Gary Allanson after the 1-0 win over Handsworth Parramore.

“Handsworth had won seven out of their last eight games and were scoring goals for fun, so to keep them at nil was a great achievement.

“We were really proud of the players and how they bounced back after the previous week’s performance, every one of them worked really hard individually, collectively and for each other which is our main aim.

“I thought defensively as a team we were magnificent and we are creating a great team spirit. The experienced players really stood up and took responsibility and led from the front and the younger players with their fitness and energy never stopped running and pressing the opposition and forcing them into mistakes and didn’t give them time to settle.

“We had three 18-year-olds starting on Saturday and another on the bench so they need looking after and guiding.

“At times as a team you just have to roll your sleeves up and work harder than the opposition and let the result look after itself, this was the message we tried to get across before the game, no matter what level you have played at, managed at or coached at and whatever qualifications you have - nothing beats sheer hard work and if we can set this as our foundation and build the structure on this we will do really well.

“Overall I think we had the better clear cut chances and a 2-0, 3-0 score line would have reflected the game better, but maybe that’s just my biased opinion.

“I think we had two or three clear cut chances especially in the second half when their keeper made some good saves and they only had half chances.

“Unfortunately on the back of this great performance Tom Fleming picked up his 10th booking which if our calculations are correct he could miss one or both Tadcaster games which will be a big loss to us, I don’t usually call officials but I really think they can count to 10 and manage situations a lot better instead of brandishing yellow cards straight away.

“Football is a physical game with lots of bodily contact and emotions run high. In this incident one of our players had just been clattered on the halfway line and Tom, being captain of the team and trying to look after a younger member of the team, was asking the referee to have a word with the opponent as it was the third or fourth time someone had been clattered from behind.

“Tom may not have said please or thank you because it was in the heat of the game, emotions were high and he was protecting his team mate and his club, but five or six seconds cooling down would have done the trick in my opinion.

“Once again I thought the supporters were fantastic on Saturday, not one negative comment towards our team or players and everything aimed at the opposition, everything was so positive and encouraging.

“This really helps the players to perform, we all make mistakes especially players at this level, the experienced and the young, and the last thing they need is their own supporters having a go at them. Thank you again for the support we all appreciate it.”