GARY’S GOSSIP: Bridlington Town v Thackley

Bridlington Town 2 Thackley 1
Bridlington Town 2 Thackley 1

The thoughts of Bridlington Town manager Gary Allanson after the 2-1 win over Thackley.

“Another very hard fought win and the players showed once again great character.

“Our shape was thrown into turmoil after only a minute of the game gone, having Tom Lee sent off with one of their players. I didn’t see what happened initially but Tom was very unlucky as there wasn’t any real violence on his part. He grabbed the other player around the arms, more for self-protection, then afterwards I found out Tom had been head-butted, which is disgraceful.

“We missed three very good opportunities in the first half to score. We had to make two substitutions at half time because Hogg and Aziz got injured and then went behind early in the second half, but I felt Jamie Reeson and Jarrod Smalley changed the game for us with their energy and youthfulness. They kept working hard and closing down and chased lost causes which was great to see and really dragged us up off the floor to earn three very hard earned points.

“We had three very, very hard games last week, with two being away, and to get six points is a great achievement by all of us.

“We are now really struggling with injuries and are on our last legs. The players have been magnificent with their commitment and work rate.

“The games are not pretty at the moment and are lacking quality and a spark, but the players are physically and mentally fatigued. We still have lots of games left and injuries and suspensions are going to play a massive part.”