Gary’s Gossip: Bridlington Town v Armthorpe Welfare

Bridlington Town v Armthorpe Welfare
Bridlington Town v Armthorpe Welfare

The views of Bridlington Town manager Gary Allanson after the 2-0 win over Armthorpe Welfare.

“We had a long journey to Long Eaton in midweek for a difficult 1-1 draw, most players not getting home until 1:30am and then having to do a full days work the following day, then a very difficult game against Armthorpe.

“The games are not the best quality unfortunately but that’s down to the league increasing the amount of teams and the fixtures they have organised. All we can do is knuckle down and get on with it.

“The players are picking up injuries and are very tired, we are trying to shuffle the team around so players are getting some kind of rest and trying to rest niggling injuries so they don’t get worse. The players are showing magnificent attitudes and commitment and I believe in them and trust them impeccably.

“If it looks like they are not chasing back it’s because they are physically and mentally shattered not because they are lazy. They are working very hard for each other, fighting and encouraging each other, the only thing we can do is take one game at a time and perform to the best of our ability and hopefully keep picking up points and gradually climb the table.

“Some games are not going to be pretty, they are going to be hard battles but we have to pull through and the support from the fans will help enormously.

“We have to play the top nine teams, some twice, so we have an unbelievable run in to the end of the season, plus a semi-final and the League Cup quarter final to fit in, so we look forward to your support.”