Gary’s Gossip: ‘Barton wanted it more than we did’

Barton Town Old Boys 4 Bridlington Town 1
Barton Town Old Boys 4 Bridlington Town 1

The thoughts of Bridlington Town manager Gary Allanson after the 4-1 defeat at Barton Town Old Boys.

Disappointing result on Saturday with all four goals being preventable. We were full of confidence going into the game on the back of four consecutive wins but Barton played to the condition of the pitch far better than us.

More disappointing is they seemed to want it more than we did. We did look a bit tired and in hindsight we could have made a couple more positional changes, but when we analysed the stats after the game we had more corners, shots at goal and attempts.

I am sure we will bounce back from this and move on but we have some big games coming up now and in X-Factor and Strictly terms we are in the bottom two and we need to pull ourselves together and get back in the mix.

We have every confidence in the players, they have a great attitude and all get on together, so we need to stop feeling sorry for ourselves, encourage each other and play to our full potential.

We have enough experience at this level with the players we have and great pace and fitness with the younger players, so its back to the drawing board and to move forward again.

Just to say thank you to the supporter on Saturday who backed and stuck up for the players when their fitness was called into question.

It was a conversation that was overheard and he was spot on with what he said and put the other guy in his place. On behalf of the players and the staff thanks for the support, it means a lot to us.