Tom Lee congratulates Scott Phillips on his first goal for Town
Tom Lee congratulates Scott Phillips on his first goal for Town

The views of Bridlington Town manager Gary Allanson after Saturday’s astonishing 5-4 defeat at Pickering.

“WE ARE disappointed in the final result of course, but when you look back after 24 or 48 hours, you realise what a brilliant game it was.

“Massive credit to Pickering as they are a very, very good side with youth, pace and energy and play the game the right way.

“We had an awful start to the game and we couldn’t handle the tempo and pace they started the game at and with them scoring so early we were hanging on.

“But I think we got into the pace of the game and for the next 15 or 20 minutes we dominated and equalised.

“We had to bring Lee Wright off as I felt he could have been sent off the way the referee was handing out cards.

“We should have then tightened up and I feel we would have controlled the rest of the game, but obviously they scored two quick goals and we were hanging on again.

“To come from 3-1 down to a winning position of 4-3 shows great credit to the players and then we missed two very good opportunities to put the game to bed which was really disappointing.

“The game was another classic we have been involved in and great entertainment for the paying fans.

“I said when I joined this club we will play with passion, flair and skill and play the game of football how it should be played and that will never, ever change whilst I am here.

“If fans want boring 1-0 wins I am afraid I am the wrong man in charge.

“We all want success and to win trophies but we will do it the right way, to be put in the same category of the relegation teams of the UniBond era is nothing short of scandalous because we conceded five goals.

“I think as a team collectively we didn’t defend well, but going forward I thought we were great, creating chances and we actually scored four brilliant goals.

“And give credit to Pickering who are on a fantastic run at the moment and are a good team in their own right, we were 15 minutes away from having a brilliant win.

“We now have two very difficult away games at Hall Road and at Nostell with players being unavailable, suspended and injured so a testing time for us again and stretching the squad to its limits but we will get through as best we can.”