Driffield League officials looking for new teams

Bay Horse Kilham (red shirts) returned to the league this season.
Bay Horse Kilham (red shirts) returned to the league this season.

Driffield League officials are looking for more teams to sign up for next season, as they aim to keep two divisions going.

This season’s Premier Division has operated with only six sides, after a number of drop-outs at the start of the season.

Two clubs have already indicated they will join the league, as Bridlington Snooker Centre are returning and the current Northcote club will run a second team from the New Crown.

Honorary secretary Norman Harris said: “I thank clubs for their understanding in what’s been a difficult season.

“We must now look forward to next season and try to atract some new clubs or maybe gat a second team from a club already in the league.

“I feel there must be people out there who enjoy a game of football on a saturday and with the two new midweek leagues starting in Bridlington and Driffield it must bring lads together who might want to play saturday football.

“It would be nice to see more teams from the Driffield area back in the league, as three Driffield teams have folded over the last two seasons.

“If the Driffield League is to survive, we need more teams.”