Driffield League line-up decided for new season

Driffield League
Driffield League

There will be 21 teams competing in this season’s Driffield and District Football League, and the make-up of the two divisions has been finalised.

The top flight sees a strong Bridlington influence in the 10 teams, led by current champions Rovers, and the 2012/13 winners Excelsior.

They are joined by Bridlington Tigers, Flamborough 1sts, Forester Athletic 1sts, Mermaid United Old Boys and Stirling Wanderers. Greyhound are also involved, while Driffield Town and Driffield JFC 2nds complete the Premier Division line-up.

New teams in Division One are Bull and Sun, Burton Agnes Bluebell and Nafferton All Stars, while Bay Horse Kilham have returned from the East Riding County League.

Bridlington Sports Club 2nds, Flamborough 2nds and Forester Athletic 2nds will continue, alongside Driffield Star, Driffield Red Lion and North Frodingham and Northcote FC.


Saturday 13 September

Premier Division: Bridlington Rovers v Forester Athletic 1sts, Bridlington Tigers v Bridlington Excelsior, Driffield Town v Driffield JFC 2nds, Greyhound v Flamborough 1sts, Stirling Wanderers v Mermaid United Old Boys

Division One: Bay Horse Kilham v Bridlington Sports club, Burton Agnes Bluebell v North Frodingham, Flamborough 2nds v Driffield Star, Forester Athletic 2nds v Bull and Sun, Nafferton All Stars v Northcote

Saturday 20 September

Premier Division: Bridlington Excelsior v Driffield Town, Driffield JFC 2nds v Greyhound, Flamborough 1st v Bridlington Rovers, Forester Athletic 1sts v Stirling Wanderers, Mermaid United Old Boys v Bridlington Tigers

Division One: Bridlington Sports Club v Flamborough 2nds, Bull and Sun v Bay Horse Kilham, Driffield Star v Burton Agnes Bluebell, North Frodingham v Nafferton All Stars, Northcote v Driffield Red Lion