Cook’s Corner: The views of Bridlington Town manager Mitch Cook

Bridlington Town v Maltby Main
Bridlington Town v Maltby Main

“AFTER what the MK Dons manager said last week, about how his team played like Brazil in the first half and Bridlington in the second, you could say that for our last two games we played like Manchester United in the first and MK Dons in the second.

“We knew Hall Road was going to a difficult game, but the way we approached it was really really good.

“You don’t like to be on the end of a defeat like that but when you are the team giving it out, it was good to see us keep going right until the end.

“I was away for Saturday’s game against Maltby but everything was sorted before I left. We went with the same team that won against Hall Road, except for the goalkeeper, because Mark Wilberforce was unavailable.

“I was happy to leave the team with Peter and Gavin Branton, Gavin is on the bench with me every week, and we also spoke to the senior members of the team, so they were aware of what we needed.

“Obviously they had to be in charge of the substitutions.

“All the players have told me that Maltby were a good side, but we have 10 wins in a row now.

“Over the 10 games, we have had instances where Wayne Aziz, Mark Wilberforce, Nathan Cook, Josh Greening, Carl Stewart and even myself have been unavailable, and we have shown that we can cope without them. Well, on the playing side anyway!

“You have got to try to plan for those occasions at this level and ensure you have adequate cover.

“Of those 10 games in 36 days, I knew we weren’t going to perform like Manchester United in every game, there were going to be times when we got a bit lucky, like on Saturday.

“We are never going to be able to go out and win five, six or 7-0 every single week.

“But in our last three games we have got nine points, scored 13 goals and kept three clean sheets. If you had offered that before we went to Lincoln we would have been happy. It doesn’t matter how you do it.

“Before we went to Retford at the start of this run, Billy Logan said in the car on the way down ‘I fancy us to win the next 10 games’.

“The Spennymoor game will see a different approach. Of course we will try to play at the same level, but there will be a different mental frame of mind.

“We will not be favourites for once, but we will go out to win.

“Josh Greening is at a wedding, and Nathan Cook’s knee makes him doubtful, but Carl Stewart is back from holiday.”