COOK’S CORNER: The views of Bridlington town manager Mitch Cook

Barton keeper Dave Bramley tips a shot from Josh Greening over the bar
Barton keeper Dave Bramley tips a shot from Josh Greening over the bar

“OVER the whole 90 minutes, we created 15 shots on targets, you can’t ask for more than that, and their goalkeeper has made some very good saves.

“In four league games at home, we have scored 15 goals and have not let any in. When we play football, and the players make the right decision, we are a good side.

“I’m pleased for some of the lads who have come in recently and done very well. They have waited for their time and are at a new club.

“Billy Logan has not let anyone down and for Robbie Hawkes, that was probably his first full 90 minutes in two years.

“He was desperate to score, but even in injury time when he went through on goal, he did the right thing and gave the ball to Josh Greening who had a tap-in. Good, sensible football.

“The injury to Barton’s player was terrible.

“We hope he has a speedy recovery. I went up to Scarborough Hospital on Sunday to see him, even though I don’t know him, but I sent him all the best from the players, staff and spectators.He was as well as could be expected.

“I’ve played the game, my sons play and I’m well aware that it could have happened to any of us. It was just two whole-hearted players going for the ball.

“There was nothing malicious in it and both teams accept that. I have had a word with Ged Dalton, who was involved, and he seems OK. We took him off in the second half, because he wasn’t the same player after what happened, and that’s understandable.

“For 15 or 20 minutes after the delay, we had our worst period, and you might have expected it to be Barton who struggled, having seen their lad injured so badly.

“We are continuing to improve, although having seen what other teams at the top are doing, I hope we do not end up regretting our opening day defeat at Maltby Main.

“Talking of teams at the top, we go to Parkgate on Saturday. They came to Pickering last year when I was in charge and beat us 5-0 so they are very good, and very strong up front.

“As much as we may fear Parkgate, they will be fearing us because we have the two top scorers in the league and our midfielders have already got 15.

“I know North Ferriby have now appointed a manager who knows our players well, and I’m sure he would be interested in some of them, but I can’t spend time worrying about that.

“Looking at us, we have a very happy group of players, playing well and they know the grass isn’t always greener.”