COOK’S CORNER The views of Bridlington Town boss Mitch Cook

Bridlington Town won 4-2 at Liversedge
Bridlington Town won 4-2 at Liversedge

“I HAD been fortunate to be able to watch Liversedge a couple of times before Saturday’s match so knew what to expect.

“We got off to our customary bad start, even though we could have been 2-0 up after three minutes, missing two one-on-ones.

“They went up the field and scored, and Craig Palmer and Paul Fraser have put their hands up but it is happening too often.

“We went 4-1 up but the most disappointing bit was we lost the second half 1-0. It was unbelievably hot, we went through 32 litre bottles of water.

“I know it was the same for both teams, maybe we just switched off being 4-1 up. As a manager I want us to win by five, six or seven.

“But we said before the game we were there to get three points. And we did enough to win comfortably.

“Barton arrive at Queensgate on Saturday and they knocked us out of the FA Cup, but if we play like we have been in the league, then I am confident we can win.

“Some of their players are well known to Bridlington Town, but our players have to rise above that and produce what we have been doing in the league.

“Craig Hogg is unavailable, and Ash Allanson may be unavailable but it gives other players a chance to step up.

“Regarding an assistant manager, it is not a priority at the minute.

“It’s not ideal, but I want to replace Phil Harrison with someone similar, who is good enough to play for the first team as well, and they are few and far between.

“It’s not ideal but a bigger priority is finding a physio. I had to do it at Liversedge and take all the equipment home, so we need someone with a sporting background who is available to help us out.”