COOK’S CORNER The views of Bridlington Town boss Mitch Cook

Tom Fleming gets a goal as Craig Hogg and Ged Dalton congratulate him
Tom Fleming gets a goal as Craig Hogg and Ged Dalton congratulate him

“EVERYTHINg came together on Saturday.

“We weren’t as confident after recent defeats, although we hade made a hatful of chances in the two previous games, but defended disappointingly at Maltby, then Hall Road had one shot and scored.

“On Saturday we had 30 attempts at goal and scored seven - you can only beat what is in front of you and we did it comfortably.

“We know we have good attacking players, and Saturday will have given them confidence.

“Josh Greening scored three and Craig Hogg two, but all round, from front to back, we were strong.

“We have four very good footballers in midfield and they all played well, their use of the ball was good and creative.

“We played Craig Palmer at centre half. He had done it a bit last year and I know he doesn’t like it, but at this moment in time it is where I need him to play.

“We want to play football and to have someone at the back with his distribution is great.

“Carl Giblin seems likely to leave us, as Hall Road Rangers have put seven days in for him.

“Even though I have been in regular contact with him, he has only attended two training sessions and been to one match. I have tried and persevered but I think he wants to leave.

“But we have Robbie Hawkes back in training. He has had a knee problem for the past couple of years and always thought it was a ligament or cartilage, but he had an operation about a month ago and they found a piece of floating bone the size of his little finger.

“He is very sharp, bright and creative and if he does will in training this week he will come into contention for the FA Cup game at Barton Town on Saturday.

“It is the most prestigious competition in the world, we come in at an early stage but you never know where it could lead to.

“It’s unfortunate we have an away game, and it’s more difficult at a local team who know more about our players, but the lads have got to be confident.

“In any sport, if you are doing well, the confidence is always there. The two go together.

“The main thing is to be in the hat at 5pm.”