Cook’s Corner

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The views of Bridlington Town manager Mitch Cook after a cup win against Beverley Town and a league win over Winterton

“We knew what to expect, and knew we had to be big and strong, and knew we could get back to our usual ways against Winterton on Tuesday.

“The conditions didn’t come as a surprise to us and the pitch was a massive leveller. Beverley knew this was their one chance to beat us, and they performed well.

“They are probably going to win the Humber premier League and showed they are a good side. But I was really, really pleased with us.

“Then Winterton arrived on Tuesday, on the back of a great win against Barton at the weekend. They were confident, young, fit and enthusiastic.

“We knew they would try to play decent football and it suits us.

“They have changed their manager and I don’t think they will be 20th in the league if they play like they did on our pitch.

“And I hope they go up the table, because they tried to play football the right way.”

“We couldn’t have asked for a better start. I want us to do that every week, because it can change the oppositions’s tactics then. They can’t just sit back, although I don’t think Winterton would have done that.

“The league was that tight last year that goal difference may be important this time around. We are now level with Scarborough but I didn’t want to concede a silly goal.

“Winterton deserved to score, but I wanted to win 5-0 not 5-1. It could be important at the end of the season.

“We’ve had a great run before Christmas that had to end. If it had ended somewhere like Glasshoughton it might not have caused such a fuss, but because we lost to pickering and Scarborough, people perceived it to be the end for us.

“We knew it wasn’t.

“I want us to go on another 14-match winning run and win this league. The lads know they can do it.

“It will be difficult but we are capable of it.

“We go to Armthorpe knowing teams are completely different when they are at home.

“Everyone’s cup final is when Scarborough come to town, then it’s us, and Brighouse are getting let off a little bit which is maybe helping them.

“Wayne Aziz came off with a bit of a thigh strain on Tuesday, probably as a result of his effort on the heavy ground at Beverley, and Nathan Cook got a kick on the ankle which might rule him out, while Mark Wilberforce is hoping to get time off work.”