Cook’s Corner

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The views of Bridlington Town manager Mitch Cook after Saturday’s win over Parkgate.

“WE went into the game on the back of two defeats and we knew this was one we had to win.

“WE went into the game on the back of two defeats and we knew this was one we had to win.

“Full credit has to go, once again, to everyone involved with getting the pitch ready. We were the only game on in our division and I don’t think there was every any doubt the match would go ahead.

“It wasn’t an easy pitch to play on, you couldn’t really be fluent on it but I think we won the game comfortably.

“It was just what we needed.

“We played as well as I would have expected us to in the conditions. The pitch cut up badly but we did adequately enough to win.

“I was just so pleased to get the win because we didn’t play well at Pickering and we didn’t deserve to win against Scarborough.

“I thought Tom Fleming was outstanding against Parkgate, it was just his type of game.

“The conditions were suited to his game and the way he plays. When other people were tiring, he just kept going.

“We made a few changes, which in some cases was because people have not been playing as well as they can recently.

“Chris Jenkinson is injured and has a nasty cut in his leg. We knew he was suspended this weekend so decided not to play him and let him have a two-week rest.

“If he had played and got an infection in the injury, we could have been without him for six or eight weeks.

“He and Tom Fleming are suspended for Tadcaster on Saturday, and Carl Stewart and Nathan Cook are suspended for the Winterton match two weeks later.

“It does help us to keep everybody involved though. When we were winning game after game it was difficult to leave people out, but I can justify it a bit more when we have been losing.

“Craig Palmer was lucky not to be sent off twice. I was making preparations for playing with 10 men in the first half so we were very fortunate but that will probably even itself out over the season.

“Tadcaster have some good players and we expect it to be a tough game but they beat us on the opening day of the season so we owe them one.

“I’m trying to add a couple of extra people to the squad but it is difficult. We have enough bodies signed on.”

“We had a good night at the ice hockey last week for the Christmas night out. 12 or 14 of us went along and some of the players got to go on the ice.”