Cook’s Corner

Frankie Belt v Scarborough Athletic
Frankie Belt v Scarborough Athletic

The views of Bridlington Town manager Mitch Cook after the Boxing Day defeat to league leaders Scarborough Athletic.

“PEOPLE are disappointed but Scarborough played very well, we didn’t play well at all, and we still only lost 2-1.

“I don’t think we deserved anything but we could have snatched a point, despite being as bad as we were.

“Once we scored we had a bit of momentum and enjoyed some possession, but we didn’t work their goalkeeper enough.

“As a team I thought we had enough of the ball but we didn’t created the chances and as we chased the game it was always going to see them break and have opportunities.

“The difference between the two sides were the strikers. Hackworth and Blott held the ball up well and brought team-mates into play.

“I watched them against Maltby Main and knew how good they were and we wanted to make them play it longer from the back and hope Ash Allanson could cut the balls out.

“Whenever we worked hard to get the ball, our front two were offside. If I knew then, what I know now, I wouldn’t have picked our strikers.

“I have to credit the ground staff. The pitch is used twice as often as the others in our league and they got the game on again.

“The delayed kick off didn’t help. We were all ready to go at 12.55pm and then we have to hang around for another 15 minutes.

“I know it is the same for both teams, and it is not an excuse, but everyone knows it starts at 1pm, so if people are late and miss the start, it’s their own fault.

“The referee got both penalty decisions right although he was stood on the spot blowing his whistle before their player had landed on the ground both times.

“And there was a foul on Chris Batchelor in the build-up to the first penalty and it wasn’t given, then he gave the penalty for an exact same foul.

“I took Nathan off because he was poor and we were worried about him and Stewart being sent off, which was another reason for our substitutions.

“We won’t panic. We will play the same way but maybe with different personnel in the next few games. The players who came on didn’t do themselves any harm.

“When you think who we were playing against, it wasn’t that bad. They are a good side. Everyone tells me Scarborough are going to win the league and we are playing for second place.

“Maybe it is their year. But last time we lost two games in a row, we went on to win the next 14 matches.

“And at least after this derby, I was able to sleep easier because I knew my windscreen would be left in one piece.”