Cook’s Corner

Pickering Town v Bridlington Town
Pickering Town v Bridlington Town

The views of Bridlington Town boss Mitch Cook after the 3-1 defeat at Pickering Town

“I HAVE no complaints about the result on Saturday. The best side won.

“We didn’t turn up and they were well up for it. It was disappointing, particularly because it was against Pickering and it was something of a local derby.

“They played well and we played badly. We didn’t start very well but got our noses in front with a well-worked goal against the run of play.

“But the second half was a one-horse race.

“Craig Hogg came off injured and so did Tom Lee, who was complaining about his shins.

“Craig has damaged rib cartilage and an X-ray showed he has cracked a rib. There is nothing we can do, it all depends how he reacts to the pain killers and how he feels he is able to play through the pain.

“He might find that by Saturday morning he is able to play, or be a substitute at Parkgate, or he could miss a month. It’s a funny sort of injury.

“Despite the injuries, I still think we have players who have enough quality to come on and not disrupt the team.

“Pickering scored a fluke first goal and a wonder goal for the second but don’t take anything away from them.

“We only had one effort on target and that is unusual for us but it shows how we weren’t at the races.

“I don’t tear into the lads after a defeat, I don’t see how that works, and they didn’t need me to tell them they had let themselves down and let the chairman down.

“Pickering were quicker and sharper and better than us on the day

“We knew it was going to be a hard month and nothing has changed.

“Parkgate have got a good reputation in the league and it is never an easy place to go.

“I’m not a big fan of playing games over Christmas.

“Most of the lads finish work on Friday and will be going out. Then you are asking them to give time up when they could be with families, and you are asking fans to pay to come to games at a time when money is tight.

“At this level, we could maybe give them a break.

“On the transfer front, Eddie Cass has gone back to Pickering. I’m not aware that there was any agreement that he couldn’t play against us last Saturday, so maybe it was his decision.

“If someone is not getting time in the team, like they did at the start of the season, it is inevitable they will think of moving on.

“We will be looking round to see if there’s anybody to replace him, but after 17 games unbeaten, I don’t think we will panic after one defeat.”