Cook’s Corner

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The views of Bridlington Town manager Mitch Cook after a draw at Maltby Main and a win over Armthorpe

“In the past, teams have been doing that to us, but we have managed to get the first goal and it deflates the opposition.

“This time, they had something to try to hang on to.

“We thought that playing uphill in the second half might mean the ball would hold up for us but we didn’t play well enough. However, we have won 12 and drawn one of our last 13 games.

“We were all disappointed in the changing room after the game and I still am now. It feels like we have lost something.

“But we got a point, which is more than we managed at Maltby last year.

“Credit to them, they met us on a day when we didn’t play particularly well, and they took advantage of it.

“It happens. We got a point, we wanted all three.

“Mark Wilberforce made a great save and they hit the bar but we had five or six good chances and on another day we would have taken them.

“At least we scored a penalty, and it was a definite penalty. I didn’t think there were any arguments about it.

“We missed one at Brighouse which cost us a point, Craig Hogg has missed two or three, but these players have scored plenty of other goals for us.

“When I played, I was a penalty taker but I also know you have to be in the right frame of mind. If you are having a bad game, you shouldn’t step up.

“I let the lads decide among themselves who is taking penalties, rather than deciding before a game.

“It was good to have Frank Belt back with us. He had been full of flu but we wanted him to come to Maltby but unfortunately the game didn’t go the way we wanted and we couldn’t get him on.

“As for Armthorpe, I was disappointed to hear some negative comments in the bar afterwards because we thought as a team we played well.

“Teams know that if they want to play football against us, we will beat them. So their other tactics is make it hard work and be awkward and get in our faces.

“We created 31 chances, and 17 were on target.

“Long Eaton on Saturday is a long journey but we are better off going on a weekend than midweek.

“They are in the top eight and have had some great results. I don’t think any game will be easy, as we saw last Saturday.”