Cook’s Corner

Bridlington Town v Staveley
Bridlington Town v Staveley

The views of Bridlington Town manager Mitch Cook after the win over Staveley

“LOOK at the last two games, Brighouse and Staveley, and the expectation is that we have played two teams who will be thereabouts at the end of the season.

“Brighouse were a very good side but i was really disappointed at how poorly we started against Staveley.

“It was not an individual at fault but we just started badly as a team.

“Maybe a bit of complacency had set in but it is our job to make sure that we know every game we have to go out there and win, not expect to just be able to turn up and get the points.

“We were struggling all over. Fair play to Eddie Cass who did a brilliant job at centre half on Tuesday against Brighouse, but he was up against a very good player in Ryan Damms.

“I wasn’t worried about him at all but we weren’t getting the best out of Chris Batchelor at left back.

“He can play anywhere but he wasn’t able to affect the game at full back, and you need your more skilful players to be in a position where they can be involved as much as possible.

“As for the substitution, Carl Stewart wasn’t injured.

“He and Craig Hogg showed in the first half that, although the team wasn’t playing well, we had that quality and the goal threat.

“His number came up for a variety of reasons. We have got to make sure we keep the whole squad happy and no-one can be immune from being substituted.

“I didn’t think he played too well, even though he scored, and I know he wasn’t happy about coming off.

“He questioned it, and I said ‘wait and see what happens after 90 minutes’, and at full time we agreed i was right.

“I spoke to him on Sunday and he said his legs felt tired.

“We have played a lot of football and he is one of those who maybe needed a rest.

“Nathan Cook came back a bit earlier than he should have after his injury, but we know he is a good player at this level and that is five goals he has scored already this season.

“I have to say that all credit goes to the people who work on the pitch. It’s a dream for us.

“It is also a dream for teams who come here to play football against us, like Brighouse and Staveley.”