Cook’s Corner

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The views of Bridlington Town manager Mitch Cook after the win at Winterton

“I wasn’t pleased with the first half here, nor with the second half at Glasshoughton, but the longer the game went on at Winterton, the better we got.

“We put our chances away, unlike at Glasshoughton, and when you do that the game gets easier.

“Winterton have lost their manager over the summer, and the bulk of their players by the looks of things, and during the first half their management were making a few comments about how we weren’t performing.

“But when you think that Wayne Aziz has played for six or seven years at this level and this was the first time he has won there, it shows what a good result it was.

“Winterton have always had a good home record and it’s always been a difficult place to go to.

“Craig Hogg missed a few against Tadcaster and Glasshoughton, but his record says he is going to score and that was the case here.

“We were delighted to see Mike Jones get a goal too. He is a lad I saw last year for Hessle Rangers and I could see he is difficult to play against.

“He can’t be available all the time but he has got something we can use.

“His style upsets defenders and he runs and runs and puts people under pressure.

“We were delighted whe he got the goal and he was too. It was like he had won the World Cup.

“We’ll have to wait and see how Josh Greening is. We had a quick breakaway and Billy Logan played him in but the keeper came out and just blocked him.

“Josh has got stud-marks all down his thigh and he was limping heavily when I last saw him.

“It was like a dead leg because it had stiffened up and he couldn’t move so I’m not sure if he will be OK for the weekend.

“Tom Fleming is struggling with his ankle too and at 3-1 we brought him off.

“Mark Wilberforce was away but he will be back and Chris Jenkinson has returned from honeymoon.

“Then Ash Allanson gets back into the country on Sunday but I’m not sure he will be available for the game on Monday.

“Saturday’s opponents Worksop Parramore are a new club, they are confident and buoyant and they are off to a good start.

“Teams who come up often have a lot of momentum if they can keep the team together and this looks to be the case with them.”