Cook’s Corner

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The views of Bridlington Town manager Mitch Cook after their success at the KC Stadium

“At the beginning of the day, if it had said we were playing Hall Road Rangers first team, and not the reserves, it would have been a completely different approach.

“It was near enough their first team, but because it said Reserves, our approach was completely different.

“In the end, we came good and we deserved to win. We have scored 29 goals in this competition, which shows we have gone about it the right way.

“It was a good night. I have never taken a team to the KC Stadium before and a lot of the younger players who were new to the club had never played there before, so it was quite an occasion for them.

“People will say that in the end it was our fitness which got us through but I think that is being disrespectful to us. We were the better team.

“I give Hall Road credit for the way they came at us in the beginning. But we have seen that you have got to be able to keep it up for 90 minutes.

“It was a real team effort.

“We celebrated in the changing rooms, then went for something to eat and then the chairman took us all to a pub.

“We have lost the league and won a cup. Football is all about emotions. One minute you are winning aand everyone is happy, the next you have lost and everyone is sad

“I’m still disappointed we didn’t win the league, but like Sir Alex Ferguson said at the weekend, we will give it another go next year.

“I think we will be there or thereabouts again next season.

“We will speak to the lads over the summer and they all have the opportunity to come back. One or two will fall away and we will try to get a couple more in.

“But I hope the majority of the squad will stay together.

“We know some of the lads have been approached by other clubs and we know some have been offered more money and they may take that.

“But Bridlington Town is a club which does things right, the chairman looks after the players.

“You can go somewhere for what seems like more money, but if the team has fallen away halfway through the season, the money gets cut and all of a sudden it doesn’t look like such a good deal.

“The presentation night on Friday was a good end to the season.

“We had a good night and the lads all enjoyed it.

“I don’t like singling out players really, but you have to say that the players who received an award deserved to.

“I’ll have a rest over the summer, speak to all the lads and potential new players to see who is interested in joining us.

“We have also got friendlies to arrange. There are a couple organised but we are working on a few more.”