Cook’s Corner

Town v Retford United
Town v Retford United

The views of Bridlington Town manager Mitch Cook after the 2-2 draw at home to Retford, which saw the visitors go on to win the title.

“IN the circumstances, I thought we played well, especially in the first half.

“It was miles more difficult in the second half. People have realised that if you ‘park the bus’ in front of a team, they will need luck to get through.

“Look at Chelsea in Barcelona last week.

“Retford came and they did a job. They got what they came for.

“We have scored all those goals this season, and when we just needed one, we couldn’t find one.

“In front of a big crowd, wanting to see a good game, we were the only ones trying to win the game.

“On the day, certain individuals didn’t perform as well as they have done. We didn’t take chances like we have done all season.

“But we gave it everything. I spoke to 10 people, neutrals, who all said we battered Retford.

“I was delighted with our character again but I am devastated with the result. the only bright side was that they didn’t win the league in front of our players, because we didn’t deserve that

“I spoke to Retford’s manager after the game and although wishing them good luck was against the grain, I said all the best to him on a personal level

“My belief is that Staveley away is where we lost the league.

“A point would have done us, even though we didn’t play well.

“Staveley weren’t playing very well but nothing went for us.

“From the Champions League and the Premier League down, referees have such a big say in what happens. It is out of our control.

“It was a shame that our disappointment from Saturday dragged on for a few more days until the result on Tuesday was confirmed.

“I was watching TV when I got a text telling me the inevitable result.

“But now it is resolved, I have to send congratulations to Retford United, their players and their manager.

“If you finish top of the league, it is because you deserve to.

“At the beginning of the season, I thought, as I have with every team I have managed, we were good enough to win it.

“I knew there was a good set of players here and if I brought in players I already knew to join them, we could have the best side in the league.

“We have young players, with a lot of experience and that can only be good for us moving forwards.

“I will speak to the chairman about the future after the East Riding Senior Cup FInal next week.

“I know how much that match means to the whole club, but especially to the chairman.”