Cook’s Corner

Town v Gillford Park
Town v Gillford Park

The views of Bridlington Town manager Mitch Cook after Saturday’s 1-0 FA Vase win over Gillford Park

“There were sending offs, loads of chances, disallowed goals, the game had everything.

“I don’t like to comment on referees very often because you get in trouble for it but I thought he could have avoided the sendings off if he had acted differenttly earlier.

“He made a few problems for himself and still nobody knows why Robbie Hawkes was booked. The best guess is that it was mistaken identity and he was looking for Darren Clough for retaliation.

“We wondered about sending the video in, but you can’t appeal against a booking.”

“But I suppose the red cards added to the game for the spectators and nobody who paid their £6 would be disappointed with the entertainment.

“I thought we were comfortable apart from in the first five minutes, when we needed Mark Wilberforce to make an excellent save.

“At 1-0 though, you are always susceptible. They looked dangerous at set pieces but I thought we dealt very well with them.

“When we had them watched at Marske, we saw their number two was the dangerman, so we asked Nathan Cook to mark him.

“Obviously I was disappointed Tom Fleming was sent off but there is a reputation which goes before him and he has got to learn to control things.

“He is always going to get his fair share of bookings because he doesn’t back out of any tackles.

“I would have subbed him before he got sent off, but Ash Allanson was injured and we couldn’t take two of our midfielders off.

“We don’t know how bad Ash’s injury is. He is not a player to come off unless he has to so we are braced that it could be serious.

“It is his hamstring so it could be two weeks, it could be 10. Until it settles down, we won’t really know, but he is very unlikely to be ready for Staveley.

“Jamie Waltham has moved to Hall Road Rangers after his brief spell with us.

“He contacted me to see if we would be interested in him and he came training and looked OK but I explained he would be behind Craig Palmer and Wayne Aziz.

“He got a chance when Craig got injured and he did OK at Thackley but I brought him off just after half-time at Selby.

“He asked the next day why, and we had a good chat and between us it was agreed that Brid wasn’t the place for him. OK is not good enough for our club.

“Tom Lee has kept in touch and been training with us but we will have to wait and see what happens there.

“Staveley got a great result against Scarborough and we are aware of them. It is another test but we always seem to perform better when wehave a big game.”