Cook’s Corner

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The views of Bridlington Town boss Mitch Cook

“SATURDAY’S result at Maltby was more disappointing than the performance.

“However we didn’t defend very well, particular considering we have got good strong people in there.

“I don’t mean the poor defence in terms of just the lads who make up the back four, but defensively as a team.

“The winning goal saw the ball given away on the halfway line and they walked forward with no challenge and the lad scored at the back post.

“Aside from that, we scored two goals away from home, which is a plus point.

“We can’t do anything about the penalty decision, regardless of whether I think it is a penalty or not, the referee has given it, and if you are in the penalty area, you can’t go lunging into tackles.

“But the other two goals we conceded were disappointing.

“Maltby didn’t have to work hard for their goals. They had some half-decent players and were sharp up front, and like every club they started the season with optimism

“Statistic-wise, which maybe doesn’t mean much, we had a lot of the ball but we have got to make more with it.

“We created more than we did against Whitby last Tuesday, but they are obviously from two leagues higher.

“I had watched Whitby once and they brought the strongest team they had put out during pre-season.

“We had looked solid defensively and I had hoped that would carry on against Maltby.

“I had expected us to have six points after this weekend’s game at home to Selby, so now there is added pressure on us to get three points on the board on Saturday.

“Before then, we welcomed Hall Road Rangers in the League Cup and they have had a good pre-season and won their first league match, and everyone knows what sort of game to expect from Billy Heath’s sides.

“Squad-wise I think we are a forward short and a centre-half short, so like any manager I am on the lookout for players that can come in and strengthen those areas.”