Cook not shaken by Salt claims

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BRIDLINGTON Town manager Mitch Cook has declined to get involved in a war of words with NCEL Premier Division rivals Pickering Town, over the potential transfer of striker Liam Salt.

Cook, who used to manage the Pikes before moving to Queensgate, confirmed the Seasiders have now put seven days notice in for Salt, but did not want to react to comments made by his Pickering counterpart Jimmy Reid

Reid was left fuming by what he believed to be a tapping-up saga between the two clubs. The latest act of this drama saw a clash between the two clubs over Pikes’ top-scorer Salt.

According to Reid, Salt had already been approached by Brid, before The Seasiders put the required seven-day notice in for the player.

This left 23-goal striker Salt checking his transfer options over a possible move to Queensgate.

This follows on from previous wrangles over Pickering Town players Lewis Taylor and Eddie Cass.

Speaking to the Free Press’ sister newspapers last week, Reid fumed: “I understand that other clubs are interested in our players, but you have to be honest about it.

“I know what goes on, but there is a way that we are all supposed to act as managers.

“This doesn’t involve texting the player before you have even put the seven days in for him.

“Liam is now sitting there with an offer on the table and our club hasn’t even been approached by Bridlington.

“He has a decision to make, we have told him that we don’t want him to go, and that is that.

“It isn’t the first time we have had this problem with Bridlington. There was the Eddie Cass situation at the start of the season and they also tried to tap up Lewis before he turned them down.

“Fortunately with some players it isn’t about money, as Lewis showed and Ged Dalton showed when he turned Scarborough Athletic down.

“These are clubs with bigger budgets, but the thing that annoys me is the fact that they are not open and honest about it.”

Salt has not yet decided on his future, while defender Cass returned to Mill Lane in December.