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The view of Bridlington Town boss Mitch Cook

“I’VE been saying this for the past few weeks, but this was another thoroughly professional, and organised, performance. Not flashy, but efficient.

“I know Staveley have had problems and we’d been told to expect to play a youth team, but they were a very old-looking under 19s in my eyes.

“We had our bit of luck in the first few minutes. On another day Mark Wilberforce would have been sent off, instead of getting a yellow card. We wondered if the foul was just outside the box, but a couple of our defenders said it was inside, and we were just left waiting to see what colour card it would be.

“After that, I thought Scott Phillips was brilliant throughout the game. He did all the right things for the first goal and set up the second too.

“He was really bright in the second half too. He got the bit of luck he deserved for the third goal and then scored the fourth.

“I don’t usually go overboard with praise for individuals but he was great. We don’t doubt his ability but we need to see how consistent he can do it.

“He is still only a young lad, although he seems to have been playing at this level for a while.

“We have given him the opportunity to start a run of games and he has taken it. He keeps reminding me how many goals he has scored recently.

“I know Staveley were unhappy about how he scored his second goal, but Scott said to me ‘I’m just here to enjoy myself’.

“We expected Scarborough and Brighouse to win too so there were no surprises there. They will probably say the same about us against Lincoln this weekend, but over the last couple of weeks we have shown that we can approach games the right way.

“We only have a small squad, but they are 15 or 16 players we trust and believe in.

“Before the game, the lads did a Harlem Shake video. Ash Allanson was talking about it on the way down and they just did it. They are mental.

“I was doing the filming an hour before the game. You can be totally serious as much as you like, but the lads play hard, train hard and it’s their little bit of banter and shows good team spirit.

“If we had lost we would have looked like idiots but it was good fun, although you won’t get me on the other side of the camera.”