Bridlington Town and Bridlington Rovers teams set to return to league action next month

Two Bridlington Rovers sides and a Bridlington Town team are set to return to league action in April when the Hull & District Veterans League restarts on April 4 and 11.

Monday, 22nd March 2021, 9:03 am
Updated Monday, 22nd March 2021, 9:07 am
Brid Rovers Vets, maroon, will be back in action next month

Bridlington Rovers A play in Division Three of the league, while Rovers' B side are a Division Four team and Town's new Vets side are in Division Five.

Bridlington Rovers B's division restarts on April 4, along with Division Two, while Divisions One, Three and Five are back in action from April 11.

The statement on the league's website said: "The Veterans League Committee met on Thursday night to deliberate the resumption of fixtures in April until the end of the extended season at the end of June.

"A lengthy discussion ensued and the responses from the 30 teams who had put forward their views on what should happen were taken into account before the Committee decided on what would happen.

"Veterans League fixtures will resume on Sunday 4th April with Divisions 2 and 4 in action (as they would have been scheduled to play without the lock down) the following week 11th April Divisions 1,3 and 5 will play .

"The normal fortnightly fixture format will then resume up to and including 27th June with the odd exception when teams will be asked to play on successive weekends .

"Along with the other Adult Leagues in this area, the Veterans League asked if games could be played for six points where teams had still to play each other twice, but the FA refused this request. What will happen is that two games of sixty minutes duration (2 x 30 minute halves) each for three points will be played back to back on the same day.

"Most teams will play approximately 90% or more of their originally scheduled fixtures without having to play every weekend which was most clubs greatest concern.

"Whilst I appreciate that the decision will not please everyone and is not an ideal solution, but the Committee felt that the majority of clubs wanted to see the league programme resume, this decision also means that there will not be any Divisional Cup Competitions this season.

"Your fixtures for the rest of the season will be put on our website over the weekend but please note that these fixtures will differ from those originally sent to you last August for the period from 4th April-2nd May."