Brid boss Woodhouse slams 'disrespectful' North Ferriby United

Bridlington Town boss Curtis Woodhouse
Bridlington Town boss Curtis Woodhouse

Boss Curtis Woodhouse has thrown his full support behind chairman Pete Smurthwaite after he offered North Ferriby United the chance to buy Brid Town for £125,000.

Smurthwaite released a statement on Monday offering Town to United, stating the club, who signed four players from Brid recently, had signed two outside registration rules and that he had ‘solid evidence’ of two more Brid players being approached outside of the rules.

Woodhouse told the Free Press: “I think Peter is frustrated and disappointed with the way North Ferriby have conducted themselves.

“Peter is experienced enough to know an element of “tapping up” goes on but he’s well within his rights to expect North Ferriby to go through the proper channels when they want to approach one of our players, what he doesn’t accept is North Ferriby constantly barraging our players with text messages and phone calls without having the courtesy to follow the protocol.

“It’s a shame as North Ferriby used to be a well-run club that had respect in the local community but as each day passes they seem to lose a little of that respect.

“One downside Peter has is I don’t see North Ferriby meeting £125,000 when they have already slashed the budget several times this season due to a severe lack of funds.

“None of our players are on contract and are all free to leave at any given time.

“All Peter asks for is to follow the rules like everybody else does and show himself and the club some respect.

“I think with what Peter has done in non-league football over many years that’s the least he deserves.

“I think the best thing is to leave it in the hands of the FA and they will take whatever action they see fit, but as manager I’m 100% in favour of Peter raising this issue and from the response I’ve got so is everybody else.”