Break-in at Bridlington Town overnight

Bridlington Town news
Bridlington Town news

Criminals have again struck at Bridlington Town, breaking into the clubhouse at Queensgate and leaving the club with a four-figure bill.

Three laptops and an amount of cash have been stolen from an office at the football ground overnight, with the pool table damaged as the intruders tried to get the money from inside.

Bridlington chairman Peter Smurthwaite

Bridlington chairman Peter Smurthwaite

It comes less than 12 months after the last break-in, when a computer was taken from an office near to the players’ tunnel at the side of the pitch.

“It feels like we are getting targeted on purpose,” said chairman Peter Smurthwaite.

“They have got into the clubhouse through a toilet window and done quite a lot of damage to the office behind the bar. They have also smashed the pool table to try to get the cash out.

“I just think ‘why bother?’. Why not shut it down?

I just think ‘why bother?’. Why not shut it down?

Peter Smurthwaite

“It doesn’t give you any heart to carry on.”

The clubhouse had been open last night while Town’s Reserves played LIV Supplies in a Humber Premier League fixture, but staff arrived this morning to find the damage and immediately reported the incident to police.

Mr Smurthwaite said the value of the stolen laptops and the damage caused would easily top the £1,000 mark.

“I am trying to raise £4,000 for new floodlights, I’ve just spent £1,200 on a new fuel pump for the team minibus and £2,500 on a cooling system for the cellar.

“It is all outgoings, with nothing coming in.”