Beaten 29-1 but their attitude can teach others a lesson

Bull and Sun
Bull and Sun

Despite another record defeat, plucky newcomers Bull and Sun have earned praise - from the team who put 29 goals past them on Saturday.

Burton Agnes Blue Bell racked up a goal almost every three minutes, but insisted the young Bridlington side ‘lost with honour and fairness and have earned our respect’.

The one bright spot is that Bull and Sun have managed at least one goal themselves in every game so far.

However, Saturday’s 29-1 defeat followed an opening day 13-1 loss, a 23-3 reverse and their best result so far, 7-2 against Bay Horse Kilham.

Martin Thomas from Burton Agnes said: “As Burton Agnes arrived at the ground, Bull and Sun were already there, changed and warming up on the pitch, showing great dedication.

“Bull and Sun’s attitude before, during and after the game is something that they can give other senior teams a lesson in, a great set of lads with good banter and a helpfulness to want to help putting the nets up.

“They lost with honour and fairness and earned our respect for their never-give-up attitude that towards the end of the game got Bull and Sun a well worked goal.

“By this time any other team, including ours, would have gave up and walked off.

“They may be bottom of the league but you got to give credit were credit is due and with Bull and Sun losing, that will only give them extra determination to work harder and with a little thought behind every kick of the ball then points aren’t far away.

“We wish them all the best and hope they continue.”