Domino effect for Bridlington?

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Free Press sport

Could national dominoes championships be on their way back to Bridlington in the next few years?

The Spa was the venue for major fives and threes and cribbage competitions for 17 years until the plug was pulled in 2006.

But early discussions have taken place about bringing tournaments back to the town, but the search is on to find contacts for teams who used to attend.

Paul Isaac, who organises the Bridlington Mixed Fives and Threes Dominoes League, wants to hear from anyone who has a programme from some of the old events at the Spa, which would provide him with a list of teams .

A dominoes team from Luton visited the resort earlier this year, and the trip brought back memories for them about their times at The Spa.

In 2006, East Riding of Yorkshire Council ended its sponsorship of the championships at The Spa, because it was not seen as a suitable way of spending £50,000 each year.

Falling numbers meant organisers said the traditional game was dying and the national events were no longer financially viable.

Anyone with a programme from previous events can call Paul Isaac on 07716 623773.