YOUR VOTE: Should Bridlington Old Town remain Walmington-on-Sea?

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The popularity of the Dad’s Army filming has prompted two residents to set up a Facebook page to keep Old Town as Walmington-on-sea because they say it will revive tourism and business.

One of the creators, Chris Watson, 32, of New Pasture Lane, said: “It started with us just talking on Facebook, and now people from as far as Australia are supporting the idea.

“About 99 per cent of people like the idea of keeping some of the Dad’s Army changes.

“Some people don’t support it, which is good because we want different opinions.

“We know at least three businesses in Old Town are willing to keep the changes the production team has made.”

Co-creator Anthony Cooper, 33, of West Hill, said: “I have seen Old Town over the years - it’s a hidden gem.

“We understand that the businesses there need to make money, but they need to see the bigger picture.

“It would be good for tourism - people would come to get the pictures taken on the set of the Dad’s Army film!

Bridlington Tourism Association president and owner of the Spinnaker Hotel, Bob Hillery, said: “The filming of Dad’s Army in Bridlington has been absolutely wonderful with thousands of people coming to the town.

“There has been suggestions of Bridlington being renamed to Bridlington twinned with Walmington-on-Sea, which I think is a great idea.

“I can see people coming to Bridlington long after the filming has finished with it being such a popular film and this has certainly put us on the map.”

There are hopes the filming could have a similar impact to Bridlington as to the much visited North Yorkshire Village, Goathland, where drama series Heartbeat was filmed.

Town crier, David Hinde, thinks it would also be an asset to the town.

He said: “I’m massively in favour of the idea.

“I think as much as possible should be kept, and in particular, I think we should build a Corporal Jones statue.

“I would like to see it at the bottom of the Market Place and if possible, a Dad’s Army exhibition set up in one of the buildings - the production team have done a fantastic job.”

What do you think?