Letters: Will hospital plan ever materialise?

Bridlington Hospital.
Bridlington Hospital.

I have chaired Bridlington Heath Forum for more years than I care to remember.

The forum was originally formed under the Primary Care Trust which vanished when the Clinical Commissioning Groups were formed.

Before this happened the chairman of the Primary Care Trust asked if Pager as a voluntary group would be prepared to run the forum.

This has been quite an experience to say the least!

It is very difficult to believe just what we are told at times – we have seen many capable managers come and go at Bridlington, at the present time we have no manager, which the forum consider is essential.

Since York Trust took over Bridlington Hospital, we have seen many services come to Bridlington – staff have to be complimented on the great success of the Orthopaedic Unit.

Going back several months, the forum had a presentation regarding the business plan for Bridlington Hospital which included two new operating theatres (one to replace the Vanguard Theatre).

Alterations to the entrance to the hospital to commence in September – for which there was money.

In view of Mr Crawley’s remarks we are wondering whether this business plan will in fact materialise?

I understand managers have many difficulties owing to the present climate within the National Health Service, but it would be far more successful if they could come along to the forum meetings and actually explain the position.

City Healthcare Partnership took over the Community Services from Humber Foundation Trust and will be running the Extra Care Centre.

The Minor Injuries Unit and Wolds Unit will continue but decision is still awaited from the Secretary of Heath regarding the Macmillan Unit.

The district nurses have a very heavy workload, therefore patients are being asked to attend the Treatment Room at Bridlington Hospital, but this room is at the back of the hospital which makes it difficult for many patients.

The forum has been asking for this to be at the front.

City Healthcare are trying to include this in their plans which we hope will be in the near future.

I also attend meetings of East Riding Clinical Commissioning Group and understand the frustration that the GPs must have.

Negotiations are still taking place regarding the “One Build” for doctors surgeries – which I consider is most important.

To conclude – I do really feel sorry for the staff as there are so many uncertainties for the future it must be very difficult for them.

Jean Wormwell MBE

Bridlington Health Forum