Letters: Hospital trust not in measures

I write in response to your article ‘Huge deficit for hospital’s trust is ‘critical’ situation’ (Free Press, 3 December).

It is important to clarify with your readers that it is Vale of York CCG who has been ordered to take urgent action and not York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, as your article implies.

This story was taken from an article originally published in the Yorkshire Post on 1 December, ‘GP-led group first of 23 across region to warn of looming financial crisis’, which reports how NHS England has ordered Vale of York CCG to take urgent action to tackle problems and has put the CCG in turnaround.

However, the edited version in the Free Press did not include any reference to Vale of York CCG so read as though NHS England has put York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust into turnaround measures.

This is not the case, and NHS England has no jurisdiction over Foundation Trusts.

By omitting this information, the article featured was inaccurate and misleading and is likely to have caused concern amongst our Bridlington-based staff as well as members of the public.

I am open and honest with regard to our financial difficulties and those facing the NHS overall, and I am always happy to provide a local narrative.

I would be very grateful if you could clarify this for your readers.

Patrick Crowley

Chief executive
York Teaching Hospital
NHS Foundation Trust