Letter: UKIP article was about injustice

I am writing in response to a letter in the Bridlington Free Press on 18/2/16.

I read Mr Kenny’s letter with increasing dismay and disbelief.

I am really very saddened that Mr Kenny felt upset by an article featured in our UKIP office on Quay Road, Bridlington. The very last thing that I would ever do, would be to castigate any person, for their place of birth, creed or colour. They matter not one iota to me and to think Mr Kenny can have so completely misunderstood the point shocked me.

What was being pointed out was the dreadful injustice in the way our war veterans and service personnel are treated and let down by our successive governments. These men and women have risked their lives for our country, they have suffered dreadful trauma, lost limbs and often made the ultimate sacrifice.

Yet they are thrown a few crumbs under sufferance compared to others who have contributed nothing. The inequality and injustice is so obvious. Many damaged and betrayed veterans end up homeless on our streets or in prison for want of help. They are given a pittance for all their sacrifices and often have to fight to receive that.

I also include the Ghurkas and the Iraq and Afghanistan interpreters who have also been subject to this ill-treatment by our governments. Mr Kenny speaks as if colour, creed and race are something to do with this.

He speaks about the Jewish people and suggests with irony, we blame them and other refugees for British failures and seems to imply that, when we point out the obvious injustice, we are somehow racist.

May I point out we are not racists, we are realists and we believe it is no crime to speak the truth.

I am proud to number amongst my friends and associates many Polish, Sikh, Turkish, Bosnian and Jewish families who are also friends. I might add my father Isaac was Jewish. Mr Kenny, I would be so pleased if we could clear up this misunderstanding and when you are next in Bridlington, call in to our office for a coffee and a chat. You will be assured of a warm welcome and I am sure you will find that we are not as you fear.

We love our country and are patriots and realists. Prejudiced and hateful - never.

Dorothy Hesp

UKIP Office, Bridlington