Letter: Town bid to raise shuttle bus funds

The shuttle bus service has now ended.
The shuttle bus service has now ended.

The shuttle bus which runs between Bridlington and Scarborough hospitals has stopped operating, finished, ended, gone.

The Bridlington Hospital Shuttle Bus has been taken off the road because of funding issues.

The people of Bridlington are not best pleased. Another travesty to hit the town!

We were told that when services were removed from Bridlington Hospital that the shuttle bus would be set up for patients to get to Scarborough’s A&E, visiting and for patients to get to the hospital for their appointments.

I will, in the not too distant future, be approaching and contacting several high profile people in the town with a view to buying our own “New Bus” to run as a shuttle bus using sponsors and raising money through a website.

I will also be contacting our mayor, the town council, accountants, newspapers, television and other media.

We must as a town look at the various options which are open to us, we have a catchment area of some 44,000 residents, 60% of which are elderly.

We have been let down very badly.

If we are lucky to raise enough funds, companies and businesses could have their sponsorship names put on the bus. We could approach EYMS Bus Company to service it.

Passengers could still pay the existing fare £5 return.

Let’s get this off the ground. Bridlington could be proud of its own “Bridlington to Scarborough Hospital Bus”.

I will in due course be asking the Bridlington Free Press to back this venture.

We are 18 miles from Scarborough Hospital with taxis costing £25 one way, while trains and buses are very hard to arrange with times. I would like to ask the people, residents, businesses etc, to get behind us.

You can send a letter if you support this scheme to newsdesk@bridlingtonfreepress.co.uk What are you waiting for?

Mick Pilling

New Pasture Close,