Letter: Time to solve town parking problems

Planning permission has been granted for a Premier Inn to be built on the Beaconsfield Car Park site.
Planning permission has been granted for a Premier Inn to be built on the Beaconsfield Car Park site.

Looking at the ongoing parking saga in Bridlington, the East Riding of Yorkshire Council seem to confirm my doubts of them being in touch with comments made by their councillors concerning parking in Bridlington by approving planning permission for a 80-room seafront hotel, the removal of Beaconsfield car park for a Premier Inn, and their comments about parking in general.

Parking space on the public maintainable highway is available for users of the hotel restaurant and bar.

There is no requirement to have off street parking provided with this scheme.

This just shows how out of touch they are.

The council recently sent a letter to me saying: “There are over 21,000 Blue Badges in the East Riding and unfortunately it may not always be possible to find a free disabled place especially in a tourist location such as Bridlington, where it is possible for the population to double over busy summer months.

“Where possible East Yorkshire Council provides designated parking bays near local shops and amenities in town centres for the benefit of all disabled drivers.”

It also goes on to say the major revamp of the town “will include new car parking, a drop off area, short stay parking, disabled parking and a large bus bay and new taxi rank.”

The letter also said: “It is possible that this will include multi-storey provision dependant on what development proposals come forward from the private sector.

“In the interim the council is carrying out a review of the utilisation of its own car parks.”

The Leisure Centre during the summer was using Beaconsfield Car Park as overspill showing before any consideration of building two 80 roomed hotels which will potentially require 160 spaces plus staff parking.

By their own admission the council is not adding any further car parking spaces.

The Station Car Park spaces will not add any substantial space because the present car park will be dispensed with for coach and bus access.

Palace Car Park is staying for the time being but has been identified as a site for development, so time in the future even more spaces could disappear.

It is quite apparent that East Yorkshire Council in Beverley do not take on board Bridlington Council’s advice and knowledge of well being for our town.

Bridlington will not promote more visitors if there isn’t sufficient car parking,

A multi-storey car park is a must, sooner not later.

Alec Leonard

Hemitage Road