Letter: Thank you for support

Last weekend my grandchildren and I planned a cake stall to raise money for Children in Need.

Everyone baked cakes all day Friday and we intended to have our cake stand in the garden, banking on the good weather we have been having. However, disaster struck on Saturday morning when we woke to torrential rain and gales force winds.

I wasn’t sure what to do and pondered over where we could find an alternative venue that would keep us dry and get plenty of customers.

I rang Nigel, the manager of our local Co-op store on Sandsacre, who didn’t hesitate to help us out.

He made space at the front of his store where we camped out with our freshly baked cakes and buns, along with our Pudsey bear bunting!

We had a lovely day, supported by all the local shoppers and raised a total of £195.

Eileen Bird

Eighth Ave, Bridlington