Letter: strike action a failure of both parties

As a police officer of the old school, we were never allowed to strike no matter what hours we had to work, with no extra for weekends or nights.

Naturally, doctors striking is an abhorration to me and a sign of failure on the part of both the government and union leaders.

This government sends millions abroad to solve other nations problems and yet totally fails to address the real problems that face the NHS.

The lack of support staff such as pathology, porters and consultants at the weekend places an unbearable burden on the duty staff.

A filter system should be created at accident and emergency so that those who do not need attention are removed from the system early and not allowed to clog up the system.

As usual, the Government does not think things through before announcing actions they are going to take, neither do they consult the people who are going to be affected by the proposed action.

Whilst we must remember that most MPs have little clue about the real world, they should at least engage brain before announcing any actions.

Peter Hyde

Kendale View, Driffield