Letter: Redrow road should be adopted ... please!

Bransdale Road, Bridlington.
Bransdale Road, Bridlington.

May I say how pleased I was to read your article in last week’s Bridlington Free Press on the apparent progress being made by Redrow and the East Riding of Yorkshire to bring about the long awaited adoption of this Redrow site where we live.

When we purchased our property, built in 2003, on Bransdale Road almost exactly seven years ago the significance of not being adopted was not really of much concern to us at that time.

It was not until we attended a few meetings of the now defunct North Side Neighbourhood Watch that we became aware that site adoption was an issue.

We first had personal experience of what non-adoption meant when I telephoned Beverley a little under three years ago to request attention to a dangerous pavement adjoining Bransdale Road.

I was politely informed that my request could not be met since this road together with its pavements were not adopted, and that I should contact Redrow with my request.

I am glad to report that Redrow eventually removed the bumps caused by the invasive roots of the white willow adjacent from the otherwise attractive Redrow plantation at the lower end of their park area, and then resurfaced the pathway.

My neighbours and those who use this pavement will be aware that this pavement is now once again in a somewhat parlours state, and I am currently in contact again with Redrow to get appropriate attention taken both to the pavement and to the neighbouring copse/plantation which is in desperate need of maintenance.

At the moment we do not belong as fully and comprehensively to Bridlington as we should, and as we would like to be. We pay our council tax like others in Bridlington. We shop in Bridlington.

So ERYC and Redrow please let us belong without any more long drawn out delay.

Redrow recently announced some £240 million profits - surely some of that could come Bridlington way before it all gets hived off to their shareholders, and what about East Riding?

It follows that we on the Bridlington Redrow site appeal to all those concerned with our adoption problem to gird their loins and to treat this issue as a matter of urgency, and no more delays ... please.

Cyril Lewis

Bransdale Road, Bridlington