Letter: Not enough parking in Bridlington

It is great news that Bridlington has a regeneration programme but one thing seems to be missing from this programme and that is adequate parking in the town.

Instead of improving the parking situation it seems as if plans for a new hotel is going to reduce parking for the town.

As things stand there is not sufficient parking for vehicles during the winter let alone during the height of the summer when there is a large increase of vehicles.

As a disabled driver resident in Bridlington I find it difficult to park in a disabled bay or indeed in an ordinary parking space as most areas are full of parked vehicles with others double parking waiting for a space to become vacant.

It seems to me that the problem of parking could be made easier by a multi-storey car park being situated near the town centre ,possibly in the present car park in Quay Road opposite the Church.

In the regeneration programme this would benefit the town by probably doubling parking facilities being close to the town centre.

We really do need some thought when we want more visitors and holiday makers.

More facilities require adequate parking for everyone and the residents should be considered for the access they require to go about their daily business.

One last word ;

I came with my wife to live in Bridlington in May 2013 and we are both very happy here .

It is a beautiful town and it deserves the very best from its Council and residents.

Alec Leonard

Hermitage Road, Bridlington