Letter: No defence for loss of land

Coastal Erosion at Ulrome & Skipsea'PA1109-15b
Coastal Erosion at Ulrome & Skipsea'PA1109-15b

We all know this is an ongoing problem but the council has no money for sea defences.

They do, however, have money to spend nearly 12 months destroying private sea defences, at Ulrome, including council workers stood on the beach (not working) ALL DAY on Saturdays and Sundays (to keep public out of the way) and an ongoing programme of beach clearing.

This must be at an enormous cost to the taxpayer.

The council have not been concerned that for the past 40 years there have been hundreds of lumps of concrete falling into the sea at Ulrome, (never mind old concrete tank defences), so why are they bothered now?

Could it have anything to do with the wind farm on the Holderness coast?

The result of this sea defence clearing is that approximately 15 metres of land has been lost in less than six months.

Kim Dale

Ashbourne, Derbyshire