Letter: Mum’s bench vandalised

Sewerby Cliffs looking to Bridlington
Sewerby Cliffs looking to Bridlington

I feel the need to warn other people who have memorial benches on the cliff top at Sewerby to be aware.

My late mum had a bench at Sewerby cliff top it has been there 20 years. She died in June 1995 and my dad, sister, aunties, and myself bought the bench in her memory.

My son called me a couple of weeks ago to say the bench was broken. Myself and my husband went up to find muddy footprints all over the bench.

It had broken underneath and the wooden slats had come out connecting the back and the seat of the bench. I felt sick to my stomach as I realised someone had actually been jumping on or kicking my mum’s memorial bench. I can not comprehend how anyone could do that. Have they no respect? This is a memorial bench for goodness sake.

I contacted East Riding of Yorkshire Council who took it in to assess the damage. The following day I received a phone call to say the bench was beyond repair and would cost £1,000 to replace.

I know the bench was quite old, but I know it would still be there if it was not for the terrible misconduct of the person responsible. I hope they are very proud of themselves and the distress they have caused.

They should be ashamed. We are now waiting for the pieces of wood salvaged from the bench to be delivered, including the rail with my mum’s name on, so my sister and I can have something made from it. We have considered as to whether to have another bench as it is a lovely idea.

It is nice to be able to sit and look out to sea but this has put us off having another one.

Valerie Emmott

Midway Avenue,