Letter: Multi-storey would solve Bridlington parking problems

Beaconsfield car park in Bridlington, now permanently closed.
Beaconsfield car park in Bridlington, now permanently closed.

I have sent the following letter regarding the regeneration of Bridlington to the East Yorkshire Council and hope for a reply in the near future.

I am astounded at the lack of forethought concerning the lack of parking facilities in the town, particularly for the disabled.

Every day that I drive into town and have to make, very often, two circuits of the town centre to find a space and more often than not having to park in an ordinary space .

I have COPD and osteoarthritis in my ankle which means I have restricted walking capabilities.

I rely a great deal on my vehicle for mobility and am most grateful for a parking space reasonably near the shops.

Every day I travel down Quay Road and opposite the church I see a large car park that could easily accommodate a multi-storey car park which is close to the town centre but seems to be totally ignored by the authorities who are based in Beverley, have no idea of the parking problems in Bridlington, and totally ignore common sense.

We have a lovely new Leisure Centre with parking facilities but surprise, surprise,the Beaconsfield Car Park has to be used as overspill for the Leisure Centre.

The Beaconsfield car park has been sold to Premier Inn for a brand new 80 room hotel.

This car park was well used before the Leisure Centre was built so already we have a problem which will be greatly increased when the hotel is built.

The capacity of the Beaconsfield has been decreased by the Leisure Centre so where are all the cars going that belong to the workers of the local shops and hotels as well as tourists and of course we must not forget the visitors to the Premier Inn.

I was informed by Nigel Atkinson that the disabled facilities would remain at 70 spaces this is obviously not sufficient, even for the disabled.

The idea of the regeneration of Bridlington is to increase the footfall to the town so is it not obvious that more parking spaces will be needed.

Making a multi-storey car park is part of the solution – most towns have them so what is the problem?

We have a lovely town which could be the pride of East Yorkshire but if we do not cater for everyone residents and tourists alike Bridlington could stagnate if access to facilities is limited by lack of spaces to park.

Alec Leonard

Hermitage Road