Letter: Mobile phones are a danger

The Free Press did a story not too long ago about distracted driving and you’re quite right – it is a problem that is growing and will continue to grow.

The use of mobile phones in cars is part of our culture.

If it’s in films and adverts, it’s part of our daily lives.

Mobile phone companies are making every effort to build phones into cars, but if that was a successful combination we would not have 27 per cent of all car accidents put down to the use of phones.

Technology is the answer, just as it was with seat belts and air bags.

They were to improve safety for the driver to reduce serious injuries.

From our research, most people are in favour of blocking calls and texts while driving but only as their choice, just like seat belts were used by the people willing to use them.

Being aware of that fact we made a product designed to be part of the security system for the car as an immobilizer – deactivating the immobilizer activates the blocking of calls and texts but still allows use of GPS and music player functions.

We are all looking forward to the holiday season and we all know the roads will be at their busiest.

It’s a sad fact a lot won’t make it into the New Year for what reason? They miss a text? No driver needs to be on a phone.

The point of a journey is to arrive somewhere alive. The greatest gift you can give your family this Christmas is YOU!.

Mr I Belcher