Letter: Messy issue blights area

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New Year’s Eve 2015. Flamborough’s inaugural Flame Festival – and very good it was. An excellent idea. Lots of people came from far afield to have a good time.

So walking back home along South Sea Road, all was well in the little world of Flamborough, that was until I stood in it. Even though I was being careful as usual at night, poorly lit street, dark pavement, and very dark dog mess!

So 2016 didn’t start well at all for this individual, but after a glass or two I mellowed, not to sound too much like Victor Meldrew!

While contemplating the bigger picture I recalled a piece in the The Guardian some time ago about one of the London Boroughs utilising the impending requirement in 2016 to chip dogs and linking it to an additional requirement to have a DNA sample taken – some bright spark at Dagenham and Barking Council actually joined the dots.

Simply put, the owner is linked to the dog by the chip, the DNA links the dog to its mess, one or two show prosecutions, well publicised and the job is mostly done.

Dagenham actually outsourced the logistics to a specialised company. It seems the initial DNA sample cost around £30, which the council funded themselves. The DNA match itself cost £70, but clearly once word got around, the number of deposits decreased dramatically.

How to compel people to have the DNA taken at the same time as the chipping? Well that’s done through a PSPO – a public space protection order – something that could be done by East Riding of Yorkshire Council, possibly using local byelaw legislation.

Remember it’s not the responsible owners who are at fault nor in our case, according to local councillors, the visitors, it is irresponsible locals!

Just imagine being able to walk on any public footpath or road in the East Riding without looking out for a mess trap. How refreshing for visitors to the county, especially the coast to be able to return home, without recalling the incredible amount of dog mess that they had to avoid, creating the impression that Bridlington and Flamborough may, indeed, be one of the dog mess capitals of the UK.

Just a thought.

Stuart Outhwaite

South Sea Mews,