Letter: Managed retreat not right flood protection plan

A better flood protection plan is needed.
A better flood protection plan is needed.

A mere drop in the ocean is the only way to describe the £35 million the ERYC plans to spend on flood protection.

In 2015 the government rejected the ERYC’s own estimate that almost one billion pounds was required to protect the Humber region.

Instead of attempting to hold back rising sea levels the disastrous policy of “managed retreat”, or surrendering to the sea, as it should more accurately be called has been adopted.
Adding to the chances of local flooding the council is concreting over large swathes of the greenbelt, vastly increasing the quantity of run-off rain water needing to be pumped into the silted up River Hull.

Our representatives demonstrate little understanding of the consequences of their actions or the challenges we face, choosing to finance very expensive prestige projects in the south in preference to essential flood protection schemes here in the East Riding, which leaves us vulnerable to everything the climate throws at us.

D Bayram
Beverley Parklands, Beverley