Letter: Make your voice heard on closures

Have your say on ward closures at Bridlington Hospital.
Have your say on ward closures at Bridlington Hospital.

In the document “Have Your Say – Improving Urgent Care Services in the East Riding of Yorkshire” it is not until page 27 that it becomes clear that neither of the two options put forward includes keeping open community beds in Bridlington (the Macmillan Ward).

At the public drop-in event at the Spa a delegate suggested this could be reconsidered if there was “a sufficient groundswell of opinion” against closure.

Closing community beds in Bridlington would greatly reduce local options for rehabilitation and end of life care.

If, like me, you feel that closing this first-rate, purpose-built unit would be a tremendous loss to the people of Bridlington and that closure goes completely against the stated aim of “improving experience and access” then please make your voice heard in your response in the “Have your say questionnaire” or even write to our MP.

Hamish MacNab (retired Bridlington GP)

St Chad Road, Bridlington