Letter: Libraries plan does not make any sense

Libraries plan does not make any sense.
Libraries plan does not make any sense.

Re the proposed North Bridlington Library closure:

I note the East Riding of Yorkshire’s Head of Culture and Information has written comments on the proposal: “It is very pleasing that our proposals do not involve significant closures or withdrawals of services.”

So how does he explain the significant closure of North Bridlington Library and a massive reduction in the mobile library – surely this is a withdrawal of services?

He then goes on to further state: “Neither do the proposals involve substituting volunteers for paid library staff.”

This actually means job losses for loyal paid library staff!

These written statements are known in legal services as “premiss/logic”, a propositional logic helping to support a conclusion and used as evidence in an argument to justify an action, also known as a “sillygism”.

The county council states: “Why has Bridlington two libraries, when every other town manages with one?”.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council has to suffer Government-led cuts in funding and claims it will manage to save £1.2 million by the library closure, and then invest £7.4 million in new customer service centres [but none built in Bridlington!].

I can only presume from these statements that the culture department have once again been taking advice from that wonderful book Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. I quote: “It would be so nice if something would make sense for a change” and don’t forget RULE 24 “jam tomorrow, and jam yesterday, but never jam today!”.

It would appear that our council can make words mean anything in their cabinet proposals.

They should recognise the libraries as “assets of community value”.

This status gives the community more time to oppose any planned change of use and allows the community to maintain the asset. North Bridlington Library should be viewed as a valuable community resource and should not be facing an axe.

D Mooney
Brookland Road