Letter: Left turns would ease congestion

Hilderthorpe Road is part of the council's regeneration project.
Hilderthorpe Road is part of the council's regeneration project.

The current congestion in town is understandable considering the work that is going on, hopefully when the work is finished the traffic situation will improve.

What I do not think will see any improvement is the proposed road widening work for Hilderthorpe Road. The scheme has it widened to three lanes, except the additional lane is going to be right turns into the residential streets as you come inwards, also a right turn into the coach park as you go outwards.

How many people want to enter the coach park as they are leaving Bridlington?

What isn’t in the scheme is as you are heading inward is a left turn filter into Tesco, what a wasted opportunity to reduce the backup of traffic stretching back to Station Road and beyond.

I took time to observe from the Tesco traffic lights the traffic pattern on a busy day, no surprise that nearly all of the vehicles queuing inward on Hilderthorpe Road either wanted to go straight on or turn into Tesco, an almost negligible amount wanted to turn right into the residential streets.

A left filter would allow vehicles to turn into Tesco at the same time as vehicles were exiting, how many times have you sat watching cars coming out of Tesco and thought, “There is no reason here that I could not turn left at the same time”. Cars removed from the front of the queue mean less cars backing up past B&Q roundabout. It’s not as if there isn’t space available to add a left filter, nothing there needs demolishing.

I communicated with the Head of Bridlington Renaissance about this and was told firmly nothing is going to change.

There are other left turn opportunities going to waste, travelling inward a left turn into Springfield Avenue as traffic exits onto Hilderthorpe Road, travelling outward a left turn from

Hilderthorpe Road into Kingsgate as traffic exits Kingsgate, there are no vehicle movement clashes there at all. Seems the powers that be would rather have you sit there stationary with your engine emitting pollution, than allowing you to move onwards.

R Daniel
Lyth Close